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Surpass Global Challenges

Global companies continuously face unique challenges such as connecting home office operations through their different subsidiaries, controlling multi-currency transactions as well as consolidating financials for accurate insight into company health.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps you to meet the requirements of even the most complex global operations in a single, easy to use environment.


Many companies and their subsidiaries have to report in both a local currency as well as a company primary currency. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations allows you to manage your company your organizations transactions and financials utilizing all curriencies.

  • From General Ledger to Manufacturing, manage all transactions in the currencies of your choice.
  • Automatically track and convert foreign currencies in your financial reports.

  • Send payroll to your international subsidiaries and immediately convert information to local currency.
  • Establish specific exchange rates towards transactions.

  • Integrate with your Banks currency feeds or with a multitude of 3rd party applications such as Oanda.
  • Track exchange rates in real time. Visualize historical information on sales, such as dates, times, and corresponding exchange rates to analyze gains and losses due to currency changes.


Organizations that have subsidiaries in different countries or regions must manage daily complex transactions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations enables a simplified and powerful solution to manage, configurate and unify different legal entities under 1, companywide umbrella.

  • Supervise, analyze and report on multiple companies or functional divisions within your organization. Execute operations, manage books and generate report results by company or in a consolidated company.

  • Bring your businesses together although they are geographically distributed. Implement operations with several companies in a single database, multiple databases, or both.

  • Reduce duplicate efforts by unifying accounting operations in one centralized location. Apply payments or take requisitions for subsidiary companies in an unified environment.

Intercompany Transactions

Intercompany transactions are common for businesses that have several companies that both buy and purchase from each other as well as share resources to accomplish corporate goals. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations intercompany capabilities allows you to manage transactions with your subsidiaries and internal partner organizations.

  • Automate project, resource, and financial transactions between your companies legal entities.

  • Efficiently and automatically process transactions and create entries to keep your intercompany transactions in balance.

  • Manage intercompany transactions between multiple companies in different countries, currencies and charts of accounts.

  • Increase productivity and reduce potential errors by entering intercompany transaction data once.

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