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Pangea Group has a wide range and depth of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation experience which allows us to bring to our clients expertise, approach, and mindset to meet your business expectations, regardless of industry.

We are committed to comprehend every niche of your business, we adapt to your organization’s criteria and we ensure a successful implementation which is ready to help you surpass your industry challenges.

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“We reached out to a lot of companies and we appreciated that Pangea came in and spent the better part of a day with us analyzing what we do and how we do it. In the end, we felt they understood our industry and goals, and they were able to offer a ‘modular’ solution that allowed us a lot of flexibility moving forward which was very important.”

- Henry Espinosa

Director of Information Technology for Miami Parking Authority

“Pangea made the right changes and adjustments to align their project team with our culture and needs. Our project manager knew our business perfectly and their team worked a lot of hours on site to get one of the first implementations of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations in Mexico completed within two months. They were true professionals.”

- Sergio Hori

Director of Administration & HR, Mexico Tower Partners

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