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Cruise Solutions


Pangea Group works with Cruise Lines assisting them to coordinate data and processes under one integrated system. Utilizing integrations with the most common ship and shoreside systems, we can track and consolidate every transaction made during and after a cruise, increasing productivity, analyzing costs in real-time, and empowering employees so they can deliver high-quality customer service.

Drive a high-quality customer service in your Cruises

  • Connected processes: From cruise customer data such as AMOS and MXP, Pangea’s shipboard integrations empower your business getting full control of every area in the same dashboard.
  • Customized financials: Accelerate transactions in any currency, obtaining a complete report with consolidated data from every cruise. Full consolidation across multiple legal entities allows a full scope view of your operations.
  • Highly informed decisions: Obtain powerful insights utilizing data across the business, be one step ahead and make smarter decisions to increase your cruises profitability and customer service.

Why Choose Pangea?

  • Financial line of sight for Cruises

Integrated processes mean you can run reports and draw conclusions based on accurate, current data points across your cruises. This leads to improved budgeting, cost anticipation, and higher overall profitability.

  • Focused on Dynamics 365

With more than 10 years of focus on Microsoft Dynamics implementation services and industry-wide solutions, our team will help your organization take full advantage of the functionality within Dynamics 365.

  • We are committed to your success

Our primary objective is to streamline daily operations, train your team for maximum self-sufficiency, knock down business silos, and be your long-term Dynamics 365 partner.

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