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Wireless Infrastructure

Leave your competition in the dust

Pangea Group works with public, privately-held and investor-funded companies that manage complex multi-tenant wireless cell tower leases, fiber optics, and data centers. Because there are potentially multiple parties (employees, management team, board, investors) as well as unique challenges, an integrated system that communicates across business units critical in this highly competitive field, the company that works faster, smarter, and what critical business insight is the most likely to succeed.

  • Customized financials: We optimize your ERP and CRM systems to accommodate centralized payments, flexible invoices, multi-year lease arrangements, and more.
  • Connected processes: Integrations with proprietary applications as well as 3rd parties
  • Highly informed decisions: Relevant, reliable intelligence is available real time, so you can make faster, better decisions.

  • Solutions that grow with your business: Our wireless infrastructure solutions ensure that your investment is in alignment with your needs now, and now and anticipates what you will need in the future.
  • Familiar experience: Agile, customizable, and scalable for almost any size business, our wireless infrastructure solution is also easy to use. This solution provides the familiar user interface and interoperability provided by Microsoft. The ramp-up to productivity is fast, because your employees will feel comfortable using it from the start.

More income, less overhead
Our innovative wireless infrastructure solution reduces inefficient processes and streamline the business. That means higher profits, and better line of sight into problems for faster resolution.
Continuity of business
Integrated business operations mean higher uptime, and faster on-ramping of new employees.
Modeled for the future
Whatever you envision for your company, we are here to help you create a foundation to support it. So, you can have a solid base for today, and build toward whatever happens down the road.

We work with local government parking authorities, helping them coordinate and consolidate their information and processes in one, integrated system. Our innovative, modernized parking solution allows parking authorities


Pangea Group works with Cruise Lines assisting them coordinate data and processes under one integrated system. Utilizing integrations with the most common ship and shore side systems we are able to track and consolidate every transaction