Stay ahead and simplify your enterprise with Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

Strategic innovation is imperative for enterprises to gain a competitive advantage in their industries. In order to achieve their objectives, enterprises require a modern and adaptable business solution to elevate performance and processes. We recommend Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, the premier cloud-based ERP that seamlessly integrates and adapts to your company.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is an ERP solution that brings together your financial, inventory, sales and purchasing operations to increase your efficiency. Obtain a complete view of your enterprise processes to make smarter decisions and increase business growth at a global scale.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O?

1) Efficiency for your enterprise

• Connect your operations and use Business Intelligence to obtain dynamic views of future trends, opportunities and strategies.
• Gain an advantage using intelligent workspaces powered by Office 365 integrated applications to provide your employees process automation, task prioritization and efficiency to obtain superior results.
• Reduce operational expense with financial process automation, encumbrance, budget planning and budget control for your requirements.
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2) Make smarter decisions with connected operations

• Heighten your manufacturing processes, including make to stock, make to order, pull to order, configure to order, and engineer to order parameters.
• Obtain a real-time visibility of your operations with an unified resource model and scheduling engine powered by Dynamics 365 financial software.
• Guarantee your product quality by identifying and resolving issues through real-time insights and predictive intelligence.

3) Incorporate a modern and adaptable platform

• Utilize Cortana business intelligence to predict client’s needs, cut costs, increase efficiency and accelerate operations.
• Reduce the cost and complexity of operating a global infrastructure. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations works on the secure Microsoft´s cloud. With backups across tectonic plates and compliance for SOC to operate your business without purchasing additional hardware.
• Improve your customer interactions with deep insights provided by artificial intelligence.

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Choose the right partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is the premiere enterprise management solution. Its capabilities can help you gain competitive advantage and accelerate your company regardless of your industry, however, in order to fully utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365, a qualified Microsoft Partner is recommended, Pangea Group is the right choice.

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